Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Happy Loving Feminist

As a feminist, having multi/interdisciplinary perspective is kinda like my thing. I see left, right, up, down, and through. I'm a feminist, that's what I do.

As a feminist of Valentine's Day, V-day, another day, any other day - I recognize that today, like any other day represents many things for different people. Today, I gave my sweetie a little pinch on the bum and soft kiss on the cheek and pulled on vibrant colored top. Today, I remember that LGBTQ relationships are not recognized, let alone celebrated in this heternormative, homogenous society. Today, I remember that I would be nowhere without the love and friendship of so many womyn who have lifted me out of the debts of depression, alienation, isolation, and writer's block. Today I see a world turn red and pink and know that many women turn black and blue from their "loved" ones and today, regardless of Hallmark, more womyn will be raped, beaten, cheated, killed, kidnapped, tortured, traded, molested, tricked, slapped, cheapened, silenced, and broken on a day written for"love."

I am a feminist, today and everyday. There is no price for my love, no appreciation found in a fold-out card, no funny shaped box to contain my generosity, no ribbons to tie up my forgiving heart, no t-shirt to match my joy.

I am a feminist, full of love.

And no, that is not a contradiction.

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  1. Indeed that is not a contradiction- preach it sister! Feminists are lovers of womyn, not haters of men.


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