Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Yesterday was also BLOG FOR CHOICE day. As many trusted friends who know I blog reminded me: WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT CHOICE ON YOUR BLOG.

Instead, yesterday, I wrote about Bingo Brown. I don't know if I could have chosen a more distant topic from CHOICE than Bingo Brown. If you want some great articles about CHOICE and what's going down in this country 34 years after RvWade, then check out my side links to brownfemipower. She rocks and links up to a lot of great blogging.

If you have not read my prior posts about my position, too bad. The explaining is too much to take up yet another post. In sum, I believe that language limits us, men - especially White ones in suits and sit in leather chairs - tend to not know much about women's bodies. One thing I do know is that there exists NO political conclusion if you believe in two things: that life begins in the womb of women, the sacred uterus of the wonderfemale AND all the factors surrounding sexuality are given piss poor attention and resources. Oh, and neither side is really doing anything remotely progressive about the quality of life for women, sex and intimacy education for the young, and a reality check for men. Call me a moral horse, but YOU CANNOT PUT A PENIS INSIDE A VAGINA AND A BABY IN A BELLY WITHOUT SOME LEVEL OF RESPONSIBILITY. What can I say? Neither conservs, dems, or indies impress me on this issue.

Beyond the banter, protests, yelling, and letters to the editors, I believe that the answer is much more complex than saying you're either pro-choice or pro-life.


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