Thursday, January 25, 2007

UPdates and What's New

So, we're almost through January Spectacular 2007 and here's what's new:

  • My new nephew is reported to be a very good boy and has a regular Filipino appetite. That means he latches on to his Mama's breast and won't stop feeding himself.
  • Adonis is working his patookis off and therefore pissing me off. But, it's Ministry - how can you blame the job? Everyone is in need of spiritual guidance. But no one moreso than me.
  • I ate a turkey salad yesterday and I think the turkey was bad because, today, I have not left the bathroom for more than 43 minutes before I have to go back. Humiliating. I had to leave a meeting early.
  • All applications are in and are currently being perused by lofting admissions people. Adonis and I should know in the next couple of months what the hell is going on.
  • Teaching is getting better. The first paper is due today and I'm a hard grader, so we'll see how much hate mail I can gather in 48 hours once papers are returned.
  • I've become a HUGE fan of The Search for a White Rapper, a terribly bad MTV show that I watched over the weekend at Adonis' parents' place. My favorite feature? An enormous mayonnaise jar that had a screeen in the middle of it that says, "You've got MAYO," when there is a message for participants.
  • Dude, I'm getting buff. My trainer has me lifting and I love the feeling of strength training. I've never done it this steadily before in my life. I feel strong, healthy, and totally capable to kick anyone's ass.
  • Speaking of kicking ass, my new camera is ripping my life apart with its creative genius. Yesterday, I walked into my favorite coffee shop and told the manager that I was doing a photography project on the inside and ambiance of coffee shops and asked if I could take pictures inside. She said, of course, YES. And between the poetry-ed walls and huge African statues, I had plenty of material. I'll post them soon.
  • I have one month left of my golden year. 28 will soon be here and I am ready for it. I am preparing a speech for myself that I will deliver in my living room at 9:21pm on 2/27. I think Adonis will be the only one in attendance. Perhaps I will copy the speech and post here as well.

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