Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Intersection of Art and Justice

Part of doctoral applications make me crazy. The other part of me is sent to an even deeper state of discernment where I confront things of which I am afraid.

A fear I have about joining/pursuing the academy as a profession is the possibility of losing touch with art, creativity, and a sense of my humanity. That sounds funny, like I'm about to run for congress, but it's true.

There is a fear I have about striving for such intense scholarship, that my periphery may become narrow and I may, over time, forget that art/creativity/spirit is the center of all life. For me, that is writing, photography, and women.

I do not know where I am being led. But I am getting warmer. I was just perusing this website and while the photography itself is not the greatest, the themes are stunning.

I just got a call that my camera lens is ready for pick-up. 12 weeks of waiting. Get ready for some crazy ass pictures on my bloggy. I'm going to pick it up in 2 minutes. My dreams are waiting.

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