Friday, March 28, 2008

LIVE Blogging from WAM: The Truth Out About Feminism

Reflections at the beginning of WAM - my peminist (Pinay feminism) daydreaming.

The truth is about feminism is the same truth about media: we trap ourselves when we soley focus on our individual liberation. Feminism is not a concept or an assumption I make because a few womyn say so. Feminism is the question, the deepest question of all curiosities that rises and falls to the beat of the unanswered, "Are we free?"

This Pinay, this peminist says No.

We will never be free if we continue along a capitalist ideology that exhorts a pro-wealth, mass production/distribution model of media. We will never be able to hear anything beyond the roar of machinery and the sound wind of money. Freedom has been distorted so that womyn and men alike believe that telling two separate, engendered stories on the same page is equality. Or that once we are paid for our labor as media makers, our work has been brought full circle. The growth and immediate gratification model plagues every social ill we can name and every significant corporate mongor.

The truth about feminism is that we cannot imagine the road to change if it comes back in exclusive dividends. It is meant for the freedom of others who are not here, who have died in vain, in violence, in secrecy, in the dark, and in fear. Feminism, until it thwarts itself from the clutches of materialistic greed, will never liberate anyone. It will succeed in a half-mast victory for a few handfuls of women who'll erroneously assume the battle was well-fought and won.

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