Sunday, January 18, 2009

Throw Your Shoe at Bush and Have Some Cake!

Muntadhar al-Zeidi, our favorite shoe throwing activist, celebrated his 30th birthday on January 17, 2009.

Mhm mhm mhm, what an act to do before your 30th birthday. What a statement to be able to say you threw your shoes at George W. Bush. Reports have come in that a few of the guards brought in a birthday cake. I hope it was in the shape of one large shoe. I'd eat the entire thing myself. A vanilla sole. Strawberry shoelaces. Swirls of icing for the knot.

Don't forget to wish Muntadhar al-Zeidi a happy belated birthday as you throw your shoe on Tuesday. (Original post and instructions here.) Get your shoe selected. Pump up your throwing arm's bicep because it's going to be a big day! Let there be cake!

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