Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama and McCain - Tell Me What I Did Wrong

All everyone can talk or write about is the election.  Obama savior this.  McCain horrid that.  Obama inexperienced this.  McCain hero that.

Here's what this radical womyn of color wants to know: on January 9, 2009 when one of these two men will have a new job, how do I make sure I have one by then, too?

Without throwing out my resume so some anonymous commenter will chide me for being overprivileged, let me just say this: I went through school and paid for every penny to now sit with a bachelors and two masters degrees to apply for a lab tech job at RITZ CAMERA.

Not there's anything wrong with being a lab tech at Ritz, but it's not, how shall I write this, what I'm trained for.  I certainly didn't go into a 70k debt on the east coast to find myself asking Barnes and Noble for an application.  I could have done that after highschool.

So, John McCain and Barack Obama - here me now:  one of you will have the most powerful job on this planet and I want you to tell me what and how I went wrong in this great society of ours.  How is the economy so bad that a friend with a masters in audiology is working at a daycare?  How is the economy so bad that I cannot even be hired for milieu work after slaving away for so many years?  How am I supposed to pay for a mortgage, save for retirement, work for the poor, pay off my education debt when I can't get hired at the local photography/book/anything shop?

I'm a swing state voter.  Convince me.

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