Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Take It As Fuel

I am, as the lovely Spanish language would say, EN FUEGO.

I'm learning to turn rage, stress, anger, pissed off states, and frustration into fuel.

I conquered my 3 mile run.  Not since 2004, when I let it die on the streets of Heath and Boylston have I run a full 3 miles.  Running isn't about anything but finding myself on the road, hearing my feet nearly splinter, feeling my body about to give, and then my mind takes over and says, "Go."

And everything fades.

There's nothing; just me, the road, and my lungs breathing in sweet autumn air.

Life is good.  My body is recovering and my soul is slowly lifting itself back into light.
Thanks for all your encouragement - both on and offline.

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