Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Feminism (spit) or Feminism (fist)

In the constellation of feminism, I'm interested in hearing what YOU think is happening in feminism these days.  Are you ready to spit when you hear or read the *fword or are you striking up a fist?

These days I'm half and half.  This political circus surrounding the "women vote" is enough to make me want to vomit over the telly.  On the other hand, make/shift just came out with their latest and greatest edition, so get double fist pump for that.

Fist for the young womyn emailing me their dilemmas and problemas concerning the treacherous crossroads of race and gender.

Fist for the fems who are analyzing this Palin quagmire and it's potential impact on the choices and freedoms of young womyn and grrls in a complex way.

Spit for Hill, Palin, and Gloria Steinem who have all but proven they don't recognize womyn of color in their philosophies and campaigns.

Spit for my former crush who just got in touch with me but then used the term "damaged goods" when referring to a woman he used to love.  WTF kind of term is "damaged goods" when referring to human with a heart, soul, and moving ligaments?

Fist for my budding photography business in which I will be featuring all my social justice and feminist art.

Fist for me because...because...just because I'm surviving.

What about you - spit or fist for feminism these days?


  1. Fist for feminists doing their thing, engaging with each other honestly, and trying to make the world a bit better.

    Spit for the media defined "feminism" which I don't remotely recognize as such. I can't turn on the TV without wanting to spit anymore.

  2. Spit porque una gringa called me a feminist in the ugliest way, turning my words and identity on it's head.

    Pero fist porque I know who, what I am, the history these lips and hips carry

  3. Anonymous12:07 AM

    fist for the survivors-always fighting...
    spit for the system that makes the cycles so hard to go through..


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