Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Nina

She's my blood and she speaks three different languages already.

I just met her 72 hours ago, the daughter of a cousin who I just embraced for the first time.

Her eyes were the color of charcoal and her smile bit my heart.

She had a dimple in her left cheek only, just like me.
Sweats more than any other 7 year old I've known,
and demands rice at every meal.

I want her world to be better and her options to be as bright as her glowing cheeks.  I thought that she would be the perfect filter for my feminism.  If it doesn't contribute to bettering her world, I'm passing.

I want to always see her jumping.


  1. Joan Kelly12:53 PM

    That photo is beautiful, as is the post.

  2. agreeing with Joan. that picture just makes me feel good... and hopeful.

  3. Thanks friends.

    You should see this miracle in person. She's just pure magic.

  4. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Love, pure love!


  5. She is a beautiful child.


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