Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quick, To the Point, In a Language the US Americans Can Understand

I have so much material to write about and so many pictures I would like to post, but it's getting backed up.

The reason my research is backed up is because I have to change names, and have decided not to post pictures of any womyn's face, due to near 1000 union leaders, activists, professors, priests, sociologists, students, farm workers, and advocates who have been murdered, disappeared, raped, kidnapped, tortured and harassed in the past seven years.

Speaking out gets people killed.

Today, after watching a film that was banned in the Philippines two decades ago about the political killings of the people, the moderator asked if we would blog about our reactions, to let our readers know that the extrajudicial killings are still occurring today, tonight, right now.

I nodded.  I told him I would, but I needed a day to collect my thoughts.  The film dug its claws into my skin.  

I feel like I just finished watching it. The images are burning.

 It's been four hours.

Update: July 20, 2008
Movie was entitled Orapronobis.  I misspelled it in comments.


  1. What film was it?

  2. thats insane.
    i'll have to look for that.


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