Sunday, July 27, 2008

The People's State of the Nation Address, (SONA) Philippines

Tomorrow, Monday July 28 is the State of the Nation Address (SONA) here in the Philippines. No doubt, Gloria Macagalpo-Arroyo (GMA) will be distributing her fact sheet of lies that say that employment is up, the economy is better, and the Philippines is on its way to being a "first world" country by 2010.

In the world of lies and corruption, the grassroots orgs, activists, citizens, teachers, and students will be participating in the PEOPLE'S state of the Nation Address at a different location at the same time. Today was our press conference and prep day. Tomorrow, listen closely. You'll be able to hear us.

If there are Filipino Americans reading this post, consider this a call for solidarity to spend 10 minutes reading about any issue on the internet about our homeland. Read about the human trafficking of womyn. Explore the statistics on remittances given back to the Philippines by all the overseas contract workers. Research how and why oil is up 2 pesos every week and the price for everything has gone up while the poverty continues to rise. Learn about the near 1000 extrajudicial killings of our sisters and brothers who were in the struggle for justice. Hear about the 70 strikers against Nestle who have survived 23 of their union members killed and their past 2 presidents shot dead for their work.

Take one issue and learn. Do it today, at least. Stand with your kababayans in their struggle.

As a balikbayan, I call on all Filipino Americans to wake up today.

Gising na.


  1. You work for BAYAN-USA? So do I. I'll be at the San Francisco SoNa protest. You?

  2. I remember a year ago, I was in the Philippines listening to GMA's State of the Union. I wonder what a year has brought.

    Here's an issue that my mom recently sent me an email about: pagpag.

    I hope your experience in the Philippines continues to empower you.


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