Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sayonara & Soundtrack

Adonis: "How's the blogging world these days? Anything going on?"

Me: (silent long glance)

Adonis: "What's up? Something blowing up?"

Me: "I've noticed a considerable jump in visitors lately."

Adonis: "Is that bad?"

Me: "It's like Rock of Love with bandana Bret Michaels. Folks are just tuning in to watch the worst parts of people come out. I feel sick."

Adonis: "Is it everybody?"

Me: "Everyone's got a hand in what's going on right now."

And with that conversation, I am done with blogging about WAM, Seal, and "feminist" blogging. For me, all of this began with a recognition of dialogue and expression, but I don't do or like cheap shots, and that's on both sides. Even if I disagree with someone's actions, I don't approve of rabbit punches. Ever.

As I begin to prepare for a life-changing 2 month journey to the Philppines to study social movements and the impact of western feminism on global womyn; as I prepare to move for the 11th time in 11 years to a new city with Adonis who decided to leave his doctoral program; as I begin the process of resigning from my own job; as I begin a new phase of my life, so begins a new phase of my blog.

And so, I dedicate these songs to all the pained, all those who downed tylenol and used rewetting eye drops (and alcohol) to read through the past two weeks of the blogosphere, all the pissed off writers and activists pointing fingers, all of the conference lurkers in private conversations, all the rWoc of Speak!, all the allies and the haters, all who can agree to disagree, for everyone whose trying to keep their sanity - these were selected for you.

Soundtrack for the Feminist Blogosphere,
March 28 - April 13, 2008

Monday: Frank Sinatra - My Way
Tuesday: REM - Everybody Hurts
Wednesday: Michael Jackson - She's Out of My Life
Thursday: Joni Mitchell - Both Sides
Friday: O.A.R - Crazy Game of Poker
Saturday: Dar Williams - The Christians and the Pagans *

Sunday: Tupac - Life Goes On

*Go deeper, if you don't know this song, and think about the possibilities.


  1. sudy, you're officially going to the philippines??? YAY!!! i'm so excited for you! i'm looking forward to hearing all about your time there.

  2. The trip to do the Philippines sounds amazing; I will be avidly reading if you decide to blog about it.

    Are you staying in any one place, or traveling? Just curious. I spent a tiny bit of time in Manila and in a village on Negros a few years ago.

  3. Hey there :)

    Yep - it's official. I am going. I will be studying at the University of the Philippines, Dilliman. Other details aren't concrete yet, but the program is the first 6 weeks and then I will likely travel for another 2-3 weeks to meet family and explore on my own.

    In the question of immersion, I'm not sure how my blogging will work. In many ways, blogging brings me to a place that takes me away from my environment and I don't want that, obviously. I want to focus on hand-written writing, you know, the gut level kind of documentation. When I spent a few months in Nicaragua a few years ago, that's where I found myself - on the page, with pen.

    I'll blog for certain, but the frequency will be up for discernment.

    I'm crazy excited though!

  4. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Kamusta, Sudy. I've never commented before, but read you regularly. I continue to learn a lot from blogs like yours and thought I'd drop a note to let you know how much your work is appreciated. (I regret not having taken the time to do that at BFP). UP Diliman is my alma mater. Go Maroons! Hope sitting under those leafy acasia trees inspires you as much as it did me all those years ago.


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