Saturday, April 12, 2008

Finding Filipinas

It can be challenging to find uplifting notes about Filipinas in the news.

When I google "Filipinas in the news," I am disgusted and disheartened to find stories about Filipinas being chopped up and then loaded into a washing machine, or another Pinay being molested or slain, or another being charged with a death sentence after a brutal slaying of a young child in Kuwait.

That's more than enough...Tama na...

And after all of those pleasant fields of affirmation, the very bottom of the page has an advertisement to help connect Pinays with "local and foreign men." (Niiiiiice specificity.)

I shan't be satisfied with a Ramiele Malubay link from WikiPilipinas, as lovely as she is.

For a quick brief of some great accomplishments of a few Filipina womyn, read over here...


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