Wednesday, April 16, 2008

LIVE BLOGGING : The Pope in my living room

question 3

the number of young men entering the priesthood is shrinking and the number of baptised catholics is expanding. the desire for holiness is giving

phenomenon: few priestly vocations - advice?

God continues to call young people. it is our reponsibility to encourage a free response. we cannot take grace for granted. it is alarming to me that jesus said to always pray for workers for the harvest. prayer itself, programs for faith formation, prayer is the first means of survival. teach others to pray and pray well, we are responding to God. this is an essential point for the living church. programs and activities are necessay. intimate dialogue between young people and God is essential for them to know what to do with God's call. For those who come from great idealism, it is important to listen to others as well those who are in sacrficial roles in committed religious life. I urge you to respond to generosity when your priests are called for seminiaries. Be generous for the church.

There is a need to remove division. We need a future of hope. Encourage opportunties for interactive dialogue between priests and especially for young priests.

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