Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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question 2

a growing problem is quiet attrition that is increasing becasue of individualsim, even in religion, because of scandal...many are abandoning the practice of the faith. sometimes it is a decision, sometimes it is gradual with the identitification ith the church

can you comment on the phenomenon and advice on how to deal?

cultivate a catholic identity
thinking, acting, grounded in the richness of hte church's living tradition
religious invidduals
heart of hte matter: nothing cannot be surivived if it is not nurtured and done in charity
many did not learn how to pray or have a religious experience
we are talking about people who are falling by the side and they do not practice sacraments
two observations on attrition: 1) it is hard to speak ina meanigful way of salvation and concepts of liberation, new life, salvation are heard to make significant. we must do this and rediscover this for our people and ourselves. we need to be engaging in proclaiming this message and talk about teh fulfillment that only Christ can bring. God's reality is best presented in the lives of others. 2) we must prepare for the coming of the cannot be a private religion. we cannot separate our love and our commitment to building the church. religion becomes a private affair if you only attend sunday church and if that happens, it loses its very soul.
we need a new springtime for the church...a renewal is needed...we need strenth and new ways of thinking and commitment to unity adn to the present generation

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