Wednesday, April 16, 2008

LIVE BLOGGING : The Pope in my living room

when children are deprived, society is deprived of the contributions of these children who are denied love and attention

- talks about the marriage of a man and woman
-unconditional and conditional to YES to life, love...

Sexual abuse of minors...
many of you have spoken of the pain your communities have endured
you are assured that you being prayed by others in teh world
show compassion adn care to the victims
foster healing
promote reconcilitatoin
and outreach to those whose trust has been broken

greater protection of young people
protect children at all times from those who would do harm
children deserve to grow up in the understanding of their sexuality and they have a right to education of that sexuality

ties to marriage and family
what is children protection when in homes, violence, pornography can be viewed in so many homes?
ALL are responsible, not just parents, but entertainment industries, media, and performers can contribute to restoring morality and values to our children
it falls to you as pastors to proclaim this message loud and clear

It calls for a determined, collective response

priests too need your guidance during this time
shame as transpired since the recent events
the bishop's role can help priests draw spiritual fruit in the midst of suffering and encourage them to look for God along the path of hope
be confident during this time of trial

this will lead to a holier church
God's abiding presence is transforming our darkness into light
things are being transpired from old to new
your strength is in your clergy

lead by example
help priests to encounter the living God; help them rededicate themselves give themselves to the people as Christ gave his life for the sheep
cultivate the branches through prayer
time spent in prayer is never wasted, prolongs and intensifies the union with God

teach, govern, and sacrifice in the name of Jesus, in healing
radical configuration of Jesus is in the heart of our pastoral ministry
if we do this, you will never be anxious or nervous about what to speak

ends with a blessing over the US

promises deep friendship and comfort to the US' pastoral concerns and challenges


a lot of applause...

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  1. la chula9:05 PM

    first off, let me say--THANK YOU for live blogging this!!!!! I really really enjoyed reading all of it, and I am SO glad that you are opening this up for a discussion in a way that invites deep introspection and thought.

    i have to say--I think that his solution for ending sexual abuse of children is pretty far off. although this is what has gotten all the publicity--we both know from the canadian indigenous community that it is NOT the only instance of sexual violence against children--in fact, you could almost argue sexual violence against children of color is an institutional part of catholicism. Which would mean that a response to END this violence must address the institutional aspect of it. I like that he is decentering the power of the priests (priests can be taught and must be taught just as we are taught and must be taught)--but unless i see some specific steps laid out where priests are *required* to become physically responsible to the communities the serve--well, I don't see this actually playing out in the real world with any success at all.

    Not sure tho--need to keep reading the rest of your notes.


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