Wednesday, April 16, 2008

LIVE BLOGGING: The Pope in my Living Room

Say whhaatt? Are you really doing live blogging about the Pope?

Sure am...for those without access or time to read the address from the Pope and care to know about what the leader of the Vatican has to say about catholicism in the US. Why am I covering this?

Because a feminist analysis outside the academic sphere of religion is scarce. Because I am tired of waiting for someone to talk about womyn, gender, hierarchy, power, oppression, and the church outside the pro-life movement. Because I know that spirituality and religion plays a part of all people, myself included.

Relax your raised eyebrows, catholicism is part of my life.

6:32pm Pope Benedict the 16th will soon be addressing the US Catholic Bishops.

6:35pm matters will be addressed: current events, sexual abuse scandel, state and faith, renewal of that (state and faith) in this country

Natinal Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Welcome statements - reports there are 193 "ordinaries" -- what is that? Am I an ordinary?

"It takes courage at any time and any place to profess one's faith...."
-Over 200 years, bishops have served the church.
-brings up the sexual abuse scandal and the public face of the church is "problematic"
-our country is in debate, not only with elections, but because of the attacks on our country which were done, supposedly, in the name of God
-we speak more about security than liberty
- sexual freedom is a constant pastoral challenge
- strengthening family is one of five goals the other four are:
protecting the life and dignity of person at every stage
handing on the faith...Sunday worshop
fostering ordained priests
profiting from diversity faces of church, especially the Hispanic population

True faith is rooted in love, not in fear...

The pope is coming up next...

-thanks to all the bishops for their work
-american catholics are noted for their loyalty to St. Peter
- pays tribute to the first bishop - John Carroll

Encourages US to continue - to support immigrants, as this country always has
open your doors to the poor
Americans are noted for great vitality and creativity, generosity
notes 9/11, Katrina, and our international response to the tsunami of 2004
and notes the general goodness of charities and volunteers

it is wasy to be entranced by the infinite possibiliteis of science and technology and our own fulfillment, OUR needs, but if we follow such, our lives are ultimately empty

it is our goal, object of our preaching - to be help people a living relationship with God, our hope

it is easy to lose sight of our dependence, this emphasis on individualism has affected us, the church

we find fulfillment in only our love of neighbor and God

In America you are blessed with cultural diversity; salute to you, leadership and direction
- wise guidance is needed at all levels, to be made new again

as preachers of the gospel and leaders of the catholic community, yours is a respected voice and it must be used for moral decisions...this communication must be used to spread hope throughout the world

survivor communities need to be heard - here there is much to be done

The state of the family -
(CNN breaks coverage)
oh nooo


  1. Anonymous7:10 PM

    THANK YOU for this. I don't have cable and even if I did have it, I'm working right now--but I can read a liveblog in a quick 10-minute break, or that's what I am telling myself anyway!

    survivor communities need to be heard - here there is much to be done

    I am so glad to see that said. Did he say much more regarding this or is this where CNN cut it off? [hates CNN]

  2. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Never mind, I see there is more.

    Again, thank you so much for doing this.

  3. Thanks Sudy. And...

    "Relax your raised eyebrows, catholicism is part of my life."

    ...I see you. Let's do this. I'm following along!


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