Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Can't Watch CNN Right Now

...this Spitzer mess is out of control. Yes, I understand it's a journalist's dream to cover a governor's resignation due to sex scandal. But on CNN, they interviewed a FORMER PIMP to ask about the rates of high price prostitutes and how he felt about his "former life." This guy comments that he "made people happy; helped girls in their twenties live the Manhattan life with good money..."

I just screamed and literally slammed the tv off.

Do people think this is a modern day version of Pretty Woman?

I can't believe big media right now.


I can't make up my mind with what I am more appalled by: the dem race or the Spitzer scandal.


  1. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Blogs I Read:
    "I Cant Watch CNN Right Now"

    1) In this, I beleive is a battle with societies view on how women now are portrayed, versus how they should be. I myself agree with the author, and feel very strongly about the subject.

    2) Government scandals / put-down of women.

    3) Everything we see on television, or hear on the news, anything that happens near and around us, automatically becomes personal. We process it, think about it, and it either angers us, makes us think, or what-not. It becomes personal.

    4) Media is almost never unbiased. You'll never see a new anchor saying "a woman just got shot, is that a bad thing to you?" its always one way or the other, more appropriately, whichever way makes more people listen. (generally bad things make people listen)

    -Savannah J.G.

  2. is Savannah the anonymous poster or did someone cut and paste that comment? to Savannah, I would ask-what is the problem with media only presenting the facts. Not saying that the victim was alone down a road at 9pm, or that she was an "illegal" or that she was a black single mom. And what is wrong with examining how media is biased, with questions towards descriptions that are not needed or that are opinions and not facts?


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