Saturday, November 03, 2007

There's Something About Nadia

If ya'll don't know what it means to have a strong, articulate womyn in your life, then you'll never know what it means to be inspired. I mean, truly inspired.

I won't go into how BA and I are riding the same wavelength that propelled each of us to write a post specifically for Nadia. We have different reasons. BAs got her own reasons here, ones that I fully endorse. (Scroll up after you hit this link.)

Mine are of a more personal victory.

Nadia and I were IMing about coordinating with another fanfreakingtastic WOC writer about a joint piece that would be featured in Make/Shift magazine. Of course, we begin talking about other things and I eventually spill some of my own beans about a situation I was struggling with:

I had contacted a fellow Pinay for an interview and potential publication. Planning on pitching it to a few different mags and potentially some online group blogs, I was eager to do this interview. At first, the interviewee agreed and my pen was ready to print.

Then, mysteriously, I get an email from her Big Manager, asking to first solidify the publication so it was a sure-fire deal before the interview took place. Uh, the request is fine. The timing (remember, she already agreed to do the interview) was way off. Forgetting our agreement, the interview was cancelled until I had a definitive approval that it would run. You know, so she doesn't waste her time. Let's not forget that "the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have already interviewed her."

Hi, I'm trying to do an interview, but I actually can't fit in the room to conduct it because your manager's ego is the size of Nevada.

So, I'm weeping because I'm emotional, frustrated, and hate Big Media and all their Big Hype.

Cue: Nadia.

Let's put it this way. This womyn sets the record straight with appropriate and fitting usage of the world BULLSHIT and phrase like YOU'RE DOING HER A FAVOR, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. These ions of support were decorating the main thrust of the argument that alternative media - blogging, zines, online features - are hardly something to snuff and early misbehavior toward journalists equals decreased support from said journalist's constituencies.

Yeah - what she said. Take that!

And so, 2 weeks passed, and it was not until I could no longer deny that I was pissed and I'm A Person Too reasons, I emailed my side of the story, gave a I Don't Give a Fuck Who You Think You Are But You Don't Recant An Interview Offer kind of explanation.

And you can stuff that NY Times and Wall Street Journal bit up in the areas where the sun don't shine.

Oh I got responses - with a few more bullshit lines and then, eventually, an apology.

Their I'm Sorry wasn't what tickled me purple. It was recognizing the power of one. The power of one person to support you, affirm a wrong - no matter how small - and BE in your state of anger with you.

So, raise your laptops to Nadia:

May your words never die,
and your Fierceness never stop.


In gratitude,


  1. i'm glad you had the support when you needed it and emailed the people and called them out on their bullshit.

    ---nadia's #1 fan. :)


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