Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pinay for Peace

In addition to winning the World Series, which caused a huge ripple of energy through the city, I have been trotting along the city and photographing presidential hopefuls (Obama rally) and a huge peace rally.
All photographs were taken by and belong to the author of this blog. All rights reserved.

Peace. Peace.
No rape, no racism, no theft.
With abundant ideas, stimulated children, and compassionate citizens.
End of sanctions, limited theory, explosion of art.
Breathless laughter, stretching skin and smooth, warm lips in the winter.
A healing system, a conservation of the Mother Earth, and blue, blue skies.
Rich, clean waters and swimming through pools of generosity.
There is no charity, only love.
And action.


  1. Joan K10:37 PM


  2. citywood8:28 PM

    What great images and words.


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