Sunday, October 07, 2007

2 Marbles for the Day, Young Girls in the System and Beauty Iran

Cases like the Jena 6, ones that have claimed national attention, disturb us to our bone. However, just because media and the internet have been introducing these case to us now doesn't mean that injustices haven't been going on for years, decades, lifetimes even.

Bfp has a fantastic and haunting collection of institutionalized violence against girls, including instances like a young teen getting arrested for writing, "OKAY" on her desk and another getting pepper-sprayed after biting a police officers arm.

If you are an advocate for women's rights, if you are looking to make this place just a little bit better after you pass, then you know that what we leave behind and what WE DO for our youth NOW is of critical magnitude. This could be a prophetic glimpse into what happens when we become so focused on WOMYN that we forget that WOC were all once young girls.

Big thanks to BFP.

For bloggers and independant media makers, we take it upon ourselves to out into the world what we think is going unseen and unheard. If you are like me and believe that photography is one of the ways into truth (not with Photoshop) and freedom, go here and dare to think of our Iranian sisters and brothers who are caught in the scaling violence and threats of our US-led war into the Middle East.

H/T to Nez.

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