Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'm No Animal Activist, but I'll Throw...

Cause I feel like posting something that doesn't require ANGER.
Giggle sent to Foxy Vox[y]

An Interesting Animal I Had
All I've ever had is goldfish. All dead now.

An Interesting Animal I Ate
Tasted turtle once. Eat cow's tongue. Pig's blood. Had enough?

An Interesting Animal In The Museum

The tiger I saw at the Columbus Zoo is behind a glass case with a jungle painting behind it and one dried piece of foliage lying on the ground. I almost vomited from the ass attempt to give this animal a "natural" environment.

An Interesting Thing I Did With Or To An Animal

Stepped on a cat once, accidentally. It was really fat and I wondered what was squashing under my foot.

An Interesting Animal In Its Natural Habitat


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