Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Grace Lee Boggs


Grace Lee Boggs was everywhere during the AMC conference. Cursing my lack of confidence, I felt too shy to approach her. This is Grace Lee Boggs. GRACE Lee Boogs. Grace Lee BOGGS.Yep, no matter how I said it myself, I was completely overwhelmed by her life's work.

Twice, she caught me staring at her and her 91 year old frame shifted to smile directly into my face and I uttered a very eloquent, "Hello, Grace." It was as if she could read my nervousness and was trying to tell me to calm down; that we're all human.

Similar to when Sarah Weddington approached and thanked me for volunteering at a democratic fundraiser or when I met Rebecca Walker - it was electric.

It's not celebrity-hood, or even that I completely agree with individual politics and activism. It's about being in the presence of someone who has given their life or an enormous chunk of it standing up, defending a cause, raising awareness. That commitment is surreal. That fortitude is immeasureable, their spirit uncontained.

But, Grace. GRACE Lee Boggs.

That was something extraordinary.
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  1. Girlfriend -- you've outdone yourself with your marvelous AMC coverage!

    Her presence was illuminating wasn't? We do have to give credit where it's due, not the superstar kinda of credit as you allude to.


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