Sunday, June 24, 2007

AMC Quotes

Here are the top five quotes for Day Two of the 2007 AMC:

5) I charge $2 for my zine, which I think is pretty fair in exchange for part of my soul. - Hermana, Resist

4) There is a plot to keep us from eating and I don't like it. - Moi, after Fabulosa Mujer and I tried to get lunch and discovered the doors of Subway locked; the cashier at the cafeteria informed us carry out boxes were unavailable; Paesano's didn't deliver; the driver from Dominos didn't show up to work; and descending upon a salad sharing moment, found that we had no utensils.

3) Mom, now I know why I am hungry. I don't want to eat this. Do you? - Baby BFP holding up a ROTTING banana to BFP's face to which several radical women of color bloggers advised her to feed her starving children

2) When I got a reply from that organization, not only did they tell me they would not fund me, but they also said a black woman has no place in being in a man's room at two in the morning. - Aishah Shehidah Simmons, retelling the 11 year process it took her to fund, direct, and produce the documentary NO! about sexual assault within the African-American community

1) You had me at Shalom. - AMC participant's tshirt

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