Sunday, June 24, 2007

AMC 2007

I'm sorry to report that we, the radical women of color bloggers, in fact did NOT succeed in fixing all the problems of the world today. Damn. We came soooo close though.

Today felt like I had known these women my whole life. We worked through the whole, "I can't believe I'm finally meeting these people in real life," to endlessly teasing, laughing, and a sharing salad with no utensils (that *actually* happened during the 3pm pizza lunch hour). We dined over fallafel, hommos, pita, lentil soup, mango smoothies (LARGE, not small), with grilled lamb and chicken for dinner. We, literally, closed down the restaurant, only to spend another 15 minutes laughing outside, only to end up talking and laughing until 2am in a study lounge. As bloggers, we do what we do best: grab our laptops, surf the internet, share pictures of our weddings, families, and gawk over the Eddie Murphy impregnated Scary Spice and talk like sisters.

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    Those are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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