Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I received this and fully support it. Many filipinas were a part of this atrocity during WWII. If you know what a Comfort Woman is and you don't think, at the very least, they are deserving of acknowledgement and an apology for systematic rape, get off my blog.

Anyone who is interested in taking on a greater leadership or coordinating
role in the campaign may contact Annabel Park at annabelpark@mac.com -
Theresa Mah
Support 121 Coalition Campaign in March
121 Coalition Lobby Day on Capitol Hill Thursday, March 22nd
Press Conference 9am
Lobby on Capitol Hill 10am-5pm

We are calling for a multicultural team of 30-40 people to walk around to
all the House Representatives' offices representing the coalition and making
the case for H.Res 121 and getting co-sponsorships.

Write a Letter Asking Your Representative to Co-sponsor 121
We need to get as many co-sponsors as possible. The most effective way is
for 5-6 constituents of a congressional district to write a personal letter
to their representatives. It can be emailed or faxed. On each Rep's webpage,
there is fax and email information.

To identify your congressman and to go to his/her webpage, go to:
To see the list of current cosponsors, go to:
To read H.Res. 121:
http://www.thomas.gov/cgi-bin/query/D?c110:1:./temp/~c110tq5sPj ::

The letter can be very simple making 4 points:
1) I live in your district.
2) I have read and I support H.Res. 121
3) This resolution is very important to me.
4) I urge you to support and co-sponsor the resolution.

Sample Letter (my personal letter to my Congressman)
Honorable Chris Van Hollen
1707 Longworth H.O.B
Washington, DC 20515
RE: Support and Passage of H. Res. 121

Dear Congressman Van Hollen:

I live in your district. I am writing to let you know that I have read and I
fully support H.Res. 121, a resolution proposed by Congressman Mike Honda
calling for Japan to make an unequivocal apology for enslaving 200,000 girls
and women of Asia for institutionalized rape during WWII. The rape victims
were referred to as "comfort women" but they were mostly girls under
eighteen. And these girls and women were tortured, degraded, abused in the
most inhumane, violent manner.

The Japanese government has never made a clear apology and periodically
launches campaigns to deny that the government was directly involved. In
fact, Prime Minister Abe is engaged in this pursuit now and I am deeply
outraged by this.

This resolution is very important to me because it pertains to historical
truth, human rights, women's rights and victim's rights. As a U.S. citizen,
I feel that it is important for us take a position for the sake of world
peace and humanity. I strongly urge you to champion H.Res. 121 by
co-sponsoring it and asking other House Representatives to join you.

Thank you for considering this.

Highest regards,
Annabel Park

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  1. Anonymous6:07 AM

    BACKGROUND OF 'COMFORT WOMEN' ISSUE / Kono's statement on 'comfort women' created misunderstanding



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