Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Can't Read You


You know when you reach a level of stress where you don't even know what you're stressed about anymore? All you know is you feel really disconnected from your body? There's not much happening externally. But, internally, there's a war going on.

There's a lot of blood, a lot of casualities. A lot of sadness.

Inside, there's a beautiful sunrise coming, but the nighttime still reigns. On my face, I can't really show what's happening because everything inside is consuming my attention.

So, you see, there's little left for those I interact with, and love, and need.

I'm sorry.

But there's something going on inside, trying to battle it's way into peace.

I pray it's over soon.

Very soon.

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  1. Get back in touch with your body, my friend. This is springtime, not winter, remember! Let the blossoming occur- these dreams must take flight.


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