Monday, January 22, 2007

Let's Curse the Darkness Together, Say I

Today is supposedly the most depressing day of the year, according to Welsh researchers. Last year it was the 23rd, and this year it is January 22, 2007. I assume it's pushed back because if there is going to be a most depressing day of the year, it sure as hell should be on a Monday.

The reasons go on about this is the accumulation of reality setting in: holiday debt, broken New Year's resolutions, the weather, a case of the Mondays. Blah, blah, blah.

Seriously, though, do we really need to designate a day to observe depressings? And instead of taking an introspective walk down,"Look how bad my life is because my thighs are expanding and my wallet is nil,"why don't we look at the things that are truly depressing and reign in some energy so we can perhaps effect change into our world? For example, take our lonely and hearing impaired President, you know, the one who has to give his 7th State of the Union address tomorrow to the 70% of the USA's citizens saying, "HEY! MISTER! IT'S NOT ENOUGH TO STICK UP FOR POLAND ONCE IN A WHILE. WE DON'T LIKE WAR. WE DON'T LIKE YOU. "

Politics might not tickle your fancy to rally up the depression troups, so maybe you could turn on the Cincinnati evening news and find what's REALLY going down in America - like how 2 inches of wet snow is enough to DESTROY THE LIVES OF THOUSANDS and thus legitimize the need to interview random Cincinnatians with shovels.

Mhm, weather doesn't get you reaching for prozac yet? Let's see....You can try to think about how celeBRATy entertainers make more money than eduators who deal with the young and impressionable; the ZAP ZAP ZAP disappearing act of polar bears and their beloved ice homes because of global apathy and warming; there are more animal shelters than safe shelters for domestically abused women and children. OR you can take the ever popular route of just plain ol' thinking how your life would be so much better IF ONLY

____________(insert your seemingly largest regret OR
blame your parents/partner/spouse/boss reasonings here_________

After all that, if you're still grinning the big banana grin, I'd say you are one resilient cookie. Or if you're like me, you believe in SPECTACULAR, and say, "One damn January day got nuthin' on me."

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