Friday, January 05, 2007

A Historic Day I Should Care More About

So, the big Nan is the Speaker of the House, the most powerful woman in the United States, and some argue, the world.

These are historical moments in my life, ones that my kids will be reading about in their textbooks. However, the droning Katie Couric doesn't always match my dissenting sentiment.

As a citizen, I should be happy and proud that a woman is Speaker. As a woman, I should be full of hope and anticipation for what this might do for our country. As the person that I am, I shrug. When is it news that white women move forward? When is it a historical day when a white woman, married for 43 years with 5 kids, 6 granddies - gets to hold a huge hammer head and surround herself with fair skinned children and say we're on to bigger and better things. I suppose that Pelosi is supposed to stand for all women advancing. RIGHT. I think I heard that somewhere else... -- oh yeah was in the history of the Women's Movement when middle-upper class white women assumed they spoke the atrocities of concerns of all women - including women of color, lesbians, single mothers, the poor, young, and illiterate women and transgendered individuals out there. We're all one, let us unite. Right. I'm not advocating separatism, but I am advocating for equality, not blind assumption.

It's a step in the right direction, do not misunderstand me. But it's a step solely for gender. Not race, certainly not creed or ethnicity.

As it is for women of color and other women who are still "working and not just waiting" for the day when they see a woman who resembles and understands their plight, we'll have to make do with what we've got. It's a step, but it's a lot smaller than we think.

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