Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Beliefs in Power

I believe in power. I believe in the human capacity to evoke change in the world and self. What in this world has been so devastated that we cannot come to offer it healing, a promise to rebuild? Nothing, not even history, is so devastated it cannot be healed.

I believe in power. I believe in the human capacity to refuse change in the world and self. The truth of humans is that most are silently owned and overcome by ignorance and indifference. The idea that we are never stagnant, we are always changing, is foreign. We are never full or done. We are paintings that can always stand for further work - enhanced color, polishing, a new gloss, different placement, more brushing...I am never done.

I believe that power exists between us and it grossly interpreted in materialistic and godless ways, where we let - yes, we LET - arrogance, agenda, and self-righteousness stroke and tender our hearts. We allow, instead of fighting.

I believe in a power that cannot be explained, the invisible cracks of emotional violence that can fill a room between two persons. I believe in the possibility of harming another person without saying a word. I believe that the histories that changed us need to be constantly forgiven, even when you don't know how. I believe I can forgive, even when I don't know how.

I believe that I am right, for myself. And today, that is what I need.

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