Monday, November 06, 2006

What Will Blogs Document?

After reading some updates on my cyber icon BFP, she raises this ultra-profound question, What Will Blogs Document?

Synonymous with my daily pondering of what my life will leave behind when I die, I wondered what my blog would document should I die tonight, tomorrow, in 10, 50, 70 years?

Did I document the most important events around the world? No.
Did I care about the wars, the diseases, the injustice? Yessss, so much. So very much.

I hope that what my blog documents, particularly, these early posts, is a struggling lover of the world finding her way through life. Despite all the horror, indifference, and hate, I hope and continue to hope that my small blogging world will document that there was at least one who did not believe the media, who didn't buy the Bu(ll)sh(it) agenda, and simply wanted and found a place for herself.

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