Thursday, October 19, 2006

Marcus Fiesel

A little 3 three old boy with developmental problems and placed in foster care was murdered here in Cincinnati about a month and a half ago.

After his own biological mother fenced him in a wall-covered feces room, he was placed with a family who tied him up with his arms behind him, put a blanket around him, and then locked him in a closet for two days while they went to a family reunion.

They returned to find him dead. The foster father, wanting to destroy evidence, burned his body in a rural part of town.

As if these facts weren't enough of a nightmare to keep every souled person up in the middle of the night, these foster parents issued a missing child report. Claiming that the mother collapsed in a park and blacked out and then Marcus wondered off, they played the part of tormented parents, while the city of Cincinnati took to the streets, trying to find him.

All along, they had murdered him and burned his body.

What in the world could possibly be said after something like this? What do you think after something like this? Our inability to see humanity - to treat one another with equality, regardless of ability and all that other stuff we gripe about - is, literally, making me sick. When, when, WHEN WHEN will we organize our world so that we protect the most vulnerable, the elderly, the sick, our children?

*A N G R Y I N T E R N A L S H O U T I N G*

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