Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Open Thread And Soliciting Advice

I hate when I ask for reader's opinion. Mostly because it reads like I cannot make up my mind. I mean, never mind that that IS the truth, but I usually hide it real well. In the closet: I am indecisive.

So a new website is underway (do you HEAR the archangles singing in the sky?) and I am deliciously excited to unveil it and start FRESH, with more authentic, funny, candid, meaningful, frequent writing. Ah, I feel like I'm about to go in for a makeover. I'll smell all glorious and everyone will turn and sniff in my direction, "What...who was THAT?" Yes, friends, that is the smell of my new website called...called...

And that's why I need your help.

MY ECDYSIS was reformed from A WOMYN'S ECDYSIS. The word "ecdysis" basically means shedding an outer layer. It's a biologist's term. I've got history with it. It makes sense.

It's also confusing, people misspell it like it's their PAID JOB not to look up how to spell it correctly, and, truthfully, NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO PRONOUNCE IT. I think I've spent more time correcting spelling and annunciation ECDYSIS than I have about kyriarchy, feminism, or any other issue I've written about.

So, I am at a crossroads.

How do you know when to change? Has "ECDYSIS" ecdysis-ed itself? I'm a big proponent of continuity, especially on the internets, but I'm itching to find a replacement. With no success.

I cannot think of anything that is more appropriate for me than My Ecdysis, and yet, I want something new.

Oh, the cyber tug of internal war continues.

And so, my dear readers, those who are loyal enough to email or leave your thoughts in the comments section -- what do you think?

Taking suggestions, feedback, criticism, thoughts. Anything but profanity.


  1. Hmm. Well, you're a warrior, right? And hey...you're sure to become more of one the further into the motherhood journey you go, so...how about a phrase from the Filipino Martial Arts like "sinawali"---the weaving, rhythmic flow of training (or fighting, as the case may be).

    Then again, that isn't any easier for folks to not-misspell. I've been "Lubu" for damn near a decade on the internet, and folks manage to misspell that on the regular.

    Much luck in finding a new title---and let me know if/when the address changes; I want to link you! (I mean, not that anyone reads my blog, but still...)

  2. Ooooh, what a struggle. Personally, I love the name for its complexity, depth, and the challenge it presents... but I'm also predisposed to this sort of thing and will take the time to look something up to learn what it means.

    Having a difficult surname, I am the type to demand that someone take the time to learn how to pronounce things properly. You know how many times I have had to correct people in both pronunciation and spelling on "Van Deven"? I guess I could change it, but I'm a little attached after nearly 30 years, so while I know it ain't fun, I do think it's worth it to continue that mini-battle. On the other hand, I don't blame you for wanting a little simplicity. There are enough battles to fight in the world, and sometimes name pronunciation isn't high on that list. (Sure, call me vanderveendven. Whatever. LOL!)

  3. Lubu - the idea that you've been misspelled for a near decade is actually a testament that my hopes of people being able to spell "ecdysis" are far from reality :) L-U-B-U. Oh my word, how difficult is that? (I probably shouldn't even ask that question...)

    Vanderveenvender - hahahahahhah! I mean, I have a hyphenated last name and you'd think some people are trying to rap when trying to pronounce it. Goodness, I start feeling embarassed for them :)

    A new name. This is COMMITMENT. I've been struggling with this for THREE WEEKS now and I've not come up with any solid decision. I keep swayin'......Keep the suggestions coming!

  4. Although I too have no idea how to pronounce it, I love "My Ecydsis". It's original and unique.

    Besides, no one spells "whatsername" right either, and that's not even a hard word. So I think bad spelling just a quirk of the internet. :P

  5. I do like the name, but it is tough when recommending your blog to people in person. Especially when I've been gushing about it for ten minutes and then they say "oh, what's the site called?" " . . ." I'm excited for your new site either way! I usually wind up emailing it anyway :-)

  6. Argh! No dumbing down, *please*. There's enough of that about as it is. Anything that has people reaching for a dictionary is a Good Thing. Not to mention that it's a very good name for a blog, and for this blog, it's unique, and it's now automatically associated with *you*. I understand your frustrations with it, but I'd hate to see you change it.


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