Friday, June 19, 2009

Digital Poetry

Sometimes my passion for photography, art, and poetry collide on Fridays and I make some digital collage with poems on them. Lately, I've been ruminating about technology and connection. The way Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and online communities have brought energy, community, and information to my life.

And, with some unexplained twinge of sadness, I think about how my offline relationships are so scattered because of proximity, time zone differences, and growing up and away.

I watch people wherever I go. On the bus, at a Fish Fry, in New York, at a protest, at church, at a children's birthday party and wonder if technology has enabled us to share our stories more with the world and less with those in our everyday lives. As my writing grows with disciplined practice and immersion into the internet, I often wonder if there's a correlation to my growing need for human touch; face to face conversation; body language accessibility, and audible laughter.

Has digital technology enhanced your relationships? Has it changed the way you see people, including strangers on the street? Where do you see us heading with all this media advancement?

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  1. i think about this quite often. social networking sites, as well as blogging, can be an incredible tool if we really use it to its full potential. besides sharing pictures of your kid with food all over his face with the online community or what you ate for breakfast, SNSs can be so powerful when used to share art, ideas, or spread vital information, ie iran. texting, in fact, has done wonders for organizers in the philippines. HOWEVER, there are downsides. i am a photographer and taking photos can sometimes be a very isolated and solitary process. many times i really just want to experience the moment, instead of capture it. its those moments that i put down my camera, stop observing, stop tweeting, take a facebook haitus, and just be.


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