Thursday, March 26, 2009

make/shift magazine issue 6 is prettier than a bouquet of roses

Have you ever unexpectedly received or seen a bouquet of scarlet red roses?

I mean, outside the usual places like sidewalk vendors or flower shops, have you ever been taken away by the simple grandeur of a bouquet of red roses? The rich vibrancy, the throbbing red intensity of its beauty?

The most recent issue of make/shift is even better than that.

A part from the gorgeous red cover, the insides of make/shift are the must MUST reads for today's independent thinking womyn, men, activists, and feminists. Yours truly is also a contributor for this issue - both in print and photographic expression.

In all seriousness, even if I was not a part of make/shift, I would tell you the same thing: it is the smartest, most deliberate, earth shaking, and most perspective changing magazine out there. Period.


  1. I completely agree. I saw that cover and was sad that I'll have to wait another year and a half before I see it non-digitally. It's fantastic! And that's just the cover! LOL!

  2. Anonymous1:05 PM

    hey lisa,
    we may post this at raven's eye?
    i am working on the subheading as well. my lack of techie-ness makes everything kinda slow. '

  3. I have not received my copy yet! (mix up w/ forwarding address)


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