Friday, January 16, 2009

For Whom Are You Throwing Your Shoe at Bush?

Muntadhar al-Zaidi, the original shoe thrower, sent his footwear into flight in the name of "widows, orphans, and those killed in Iraq." Hurling much more than his shoes at Bush, the shoes, I believe, carried the unfathomable pain of those who have survived eight years of Bush foreign policies. Not just in Iraq, but all over the world.

For whom are you throwing your shoe? Let the world know on January 20, 2009 when Bush officially steps down as the leader of the US government. Take a picture of your shoe. post of your site or blog. Link back to the original post for participation round-up. If you do NOT have a blog or site and still want to participate, send me your shoe (don't throw it, just hand it to me via email and I'll post (throw) your shoe on my blog. Don't forget to send in a small bit about you, your shoe, and for whom your throw is dedicated.

Having problems deciding for whom to throw your shoe? Mhm, I agree, it is a large task. Eight years of blowing up our fellow nations, instigating our violence in the name of anti-terrorism, basically handing our planet over to Darth Vader, and leaving our economy in the gutter leaves a shoe thrower with much to contemplate.

But be specific.

After all, you only have one shoe. Make it count.
Here is my dedication:

I throw my shoe for the poor who are living off garbage mountains, literally. I throw my shoe for the stranger who yelled in my face, after learning I was an American citizen in his land, that his garbage mountainside community has been terrorized and threatened by the Philippine government in the name of the "US charge against terrorism."

These people, who scour the mountain everyday for food or anything they can sell for a peso, have centered their lives on survival, not violence. They are the poorest of the poor - eating inedible food, trying to sell what is no longer useful - and yet they are repeatedly targeted and harassed, their youth kidnapped for days and tortured, under the blanket of "anti-terrorism" laws initiated by the US after 9/11.

My shoe will fly for this man who who repeatedly yelled in my face, "I am not a terrorist! Do I look like a terrorist to you? I am too small, too skinny to do anything but survive."

In essence, he is dying. And our president, our country's allowance of Bush's post 9/11 reaction, have quickened the death of his friends, family, and freedom. The re-election of Bush in 2004 continued the reign of terror in unheard, unspoken communities in the darkest corners of the world where no one dare visit or bother to know.

My shoe will be for this man who screamed his pain into my eyes and I, with the humble privilege of life and blogging, will throw as hard as I can.

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