Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Anonymous-ers are BACK!

As the anons can see, I have returned to accepting anonymous comments. How I have missed them!

Don't you all have something better to do with your time! Really...shoe throwing! Why don't you try throwing yourself down in the middle of a store and wail loudly to really stir up some debate. childish! If my children threw their shoes (which they don't), I would give them a little swat on their behind and explain to them how you don't throw things when you are angry because it is SOOOOO pointless. That is what you all need....a good swift kick in the A$$!!

I suppose this person is upset with my idea to VIRTUALLY throw shoes. Or it could be that Anon didn't understand the VIRTUAL throw as a funny ha-ha way to bid farewell to W and another not so funny ha-ha way to give a thumbs up to the man who ACTUALLY threw his shoes in the name of people - children, families, civilians - who were ACTUALLY killed in the name of our war against Iraq. Mhm, is it so pointless to use blogging media in an act of solidarity with a man who exercised a culturally demeaning gesture against our terrible former president? I know, it's incredibly childish and futile for those with access to VIRTUAL media to communicate their dissent in VIRTUAL shoe throws.

My question: is it more pointless for me to use voice, humor, and media against a war I do not approve of OR for me to ANONYMOUSLY leave angry comments about something that has already passed?

Oh, Anonymous, how you keep me laughing and young...!


  1. What really gets me is the comment's whole "I will tell them violence is BAD! With the use of Violence!"

  2. If Anonymous was upset about your virtual shoe throwing celebration, they would have been absolutely GOBSMACKED at the huuuuuuge blow-up of Bush in the middle of Dupont Circle, complete with Pinocchio nose, that people were hurling shoes at on the 19th.

    SO much fun.

  3. Wow, so, talking about virtually throwing a shoe on a website is wrong, but hitting your kids in real life is teaching them a good lesson? A lesson that, as a grown up, you should threaten to kick people's asses when you disagree with them?

    The lack of logic, it hurts.

  4. Had the Anonymouses dared to think of performing a single act of disrespect to authority, a single question about about that authority, perhaps they might have started to get it.


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