Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SPEAK! Album

Speak! is a women of color led media collective and in the summer months of 2008, they created a CD compilation of spoken word, poetry, and song. This is the first self-named album.

With womyn contributors from all over the country, Speak! is a testament of struggle, hope, and love. Many of the contributors are in the Radical Women of Color blogosphere and will be familiar names to you. Instead of just reading their work, you'll be able to hear their voices.

I can guarantee you will have the same reaction as to when I heard them speak, I was mesmerized.

Proceeds of this album will go toward funding mothers and/or financially restricted activists wanting to attend the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, MI this July. This is our own grassroots organizing at its finest with financial assistance from the AMC. We collaborated and conference called for months and here it is, ready for your purchasing.

In addition to these moving testaments, there will be a zine, featuring more of our work and a curriculum available to further process the meaning of each piece for yourself, education, or a group discussion. The possibilities are endless.

You get all of this for less than $20, you can order one for yourself or buy a gift card for friend which can be redeemed to buy the CD. Stay on your toes and look for more information come January 1, 2009. Only 200 copies are available.

Forward this promo vid widely and to the ends of your contact list. See the link here.

Much love.


  1. How does one get a copy, say, for review purposes? :)

  2. Dear Sudy,

    I saw this announced in Crip Chick's blog, where I told her that as part of a radical bookstore/inforoom/collective I would be thrilled to purchase this creation and hold a listening party. I can't wait for its appearance! Do you have any more information to share about it at this time?

  3. Hello there, Susan and FR,
    The CD will be available in the next few weeks. Our timeline was held up a bit but we're gaining ground and will have more updated information shortly. We're very excited about the response we've received to the CD and we can't wait to share it!

    Thanks for your enthusiasm and support,


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