Friday, December 05, 2008

Health and Breath

Since so many of my posts have been up serious creek, I thought it important for folks to realize that not all of feminism is S.E.R.I.O.U.S.

So much of what makes feminism so attractive, to me, is that it covers a multitude of issues on the spectrum of women and gender. One of the basic things that I think we forget is how important our health factors into our feminism. Yes, our HEALTH. After all, there isn't going to be much you can do when you can't breathe properly or stand up straight because of, say, your bra?

Yep, a new article has emerged exploring the health affects of ill-fitting bras and the woes of wearing said harnesses. Headache? Indegestion? Maybe switch out your chest straps for something more comfortable and supportive. Not standing up straight or have poor posture? Maybe it's because of your bra.

"If a woman is bending forward because of insufficient breast support, the trapezius overstretches and causes headaches. All nerve roots come from the back; stomach upsets and fatigue are common byproducts of bad back health. If ladies have a proper bra-fitting, back problems are often resolved."

The article covers the dying trend of bra-fittings and advocates that women should at least get an idea of what their size and needs are before they grab whatever they think their size is. I was yawning during the article until it outlined all the different signs that you're wearing the wrong size. I started thinking about how much time and care I put into picking my shoes, but how I haphazardly grab what I assume to be the correct number and letter in the bra department. Now that I think about it...for something you wear nearly everyday of your life post-puberty, don't you think it might be worth the investment to invest your money in what fits, rather than what looks good or has the color you think matches your shirt? It might be worth alleviating back pain, headaches, or other ailments. At the very least, you can sit up and breathe normally.

Breath is essential to feminist discourse.

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  1. Last time I went to buy a bra (a few months ago), the store actually had measuring tapes and fitting worksheets at the dressing room. So I gave it a go.

    And after the initial shock and disbelief (the size was nothing like what I had been wearing) and frustration at the racks (apparently not a size that they bother making much for), I discovered that they were right. That it fit in a way that I had completely forgotten that bras could fit.

    And while I can't say that I notice a direct difference in my back, I do notice a difference in the way I look, which definitely leads to better posture and more happiness...


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