Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dennis Miller's Gay Joke About Barney Frank

Dennis Miller can bite me.

On the O'Reilly Factor, Miller made a anti-gay joke about Barney Frank- an openly gay member of the House of Representatives - being arrested. Even O'Reilly recognized that it was wrong. Like Nader, who was schooled by a Fox anchor for using "Uncle Tom" as a phrase to describe Obama, Miller goes well over the line with his anti-gay remark.

He was met with mild resistance and discomfort from O'Reilly, but the laughter behind the camera confirms what I already know: the passing of Prop 8 cannot be blamed on one segment of the population. While religious influence clearly plays a role in America's ill treatment of gays and lesbians, this stupid Miller video reveals one of the many hearts of the problem:

mainstream America still trivializes and laughs about homophobia behind the camera or in the privacy of our homes.


  1. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Your rules severely limit interesting discourse, but my comment is that while Miller's comment about Barney Frank was crude, it was certainly not homophobic. Phobias are fears and there was nothing in Miller's remark that connoted fear. Miller is on the record as supporting same sex marriage. He just finds Barney Frank distasteful, not for his sexual orientation but for his very existence in the Congress. Miller has lots of company there.

  2. I'd say what's more disturbing than homophobia is that it's more or less a rape joke....


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