Friday, November 07, 2008

Anne Nixon Cooper vs. Joe the Plumber

If Joe the Plumber, the McCain supporting Ohioan who was the central force of the third and final presidential debate because of his tax questions and pursuit to buy his own business, got to meet Barack Obama, then it is TIME for Ann Nixon Cooper as well.

Ann Nixon Cooper was the central force in Obama's first speech as president elect.  The 106 year old voter was the muse of Obama's reflections as he walked through history using her life as a lens.  She lived through a century of change and laid out the challenges she had to place her vote, being a womyn and a womyn of color.  

In a CNN interview she said it would be an honor, "just like anyone else" to meet Barack.  I see it the other way around.  It is Barack who would carry the honor of meeting this living vessel of history.  To shake HER hand, would the be the honor of many, including Obama.

If Joe the Plumber got an individual appointment for a tax question that landed him a spot in history, I think Anne Nixon Cooper should live to meet the first Black president.

Don't you think?  I mean, really...

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  1. And while he's at it, he should also pop round to see that 109-year-old woman from Texas, and shake her hand.

    However, when I read the title of your post, all I could think was Two voters enter. One voter leaves!!


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