Sunday, August 31, 2008

Democrats Have Short Memory: Voting Based on Sex

Last night I hosted a small gathering at my house and after a few brews, McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden came up in discussion. An acquaintence asked me excitedly, "As an Independent, do you think you'll switch and vote for McCain?"

First, I don't know much about Palin, but the news so far isn't too impressive. I don't have a report on her yet, but what I can write about is the hilarious and entertaining reaction of so many women democrats who want to keep the swing-Clinton voters away from the GOP side.

If my memory serves me correctly, I remember a brief six months ago when I was receiving emails that it was un-feminist of me to not support Hillary simply because she is a woman. It was un-feminist to prevent the first [white] viable woman candidate in contemporary politics to reach the White House. This extended to the WAM! conference, email listserves to which I belong, and personal conversations regarding the election. And while Hillary has an incredible list of credentials that make her a qualified candidate for presidency, it was her sex that was often referenced in rallying dem-woman behind her, "She'll be the first woman president!" In those conversations, it wasn't that she'll bring universal health care or that she'll end the war in Iraq or that she has the experience, it's that "she's a woman!" and by voting for Obama over her, it was deemed putting race over gender.

And now Dem women are asking, "Do you think we're that stupid to cast our vote one way because of gender?"

Uh, yes.

People ARE that short-sighted, on both sides of this political circus. Absurdities have been played on BOTH sides. Many dem women were blasting Obama supporters for not voting "pro-woman" and now their blasting the Republicans for thinking their stupid enough to just vote based soley on sex. That narrow line of reasoning has been alive and well for a long time.

I don't think it's about McCain thinking women are stupid as much as it is that he is relying on a fundamental and tested truth that many folks do not think critically. Many women do vote based on sex alone and are wooed by "first woman ever to Fill In the Blank" tactics, so why are dems acting as if those voters don't exist and it's insulting to pitch Palin to attract that sect?

I love being an Independent - the circus is much more entertaining when you can see the clowns and the mimes.


  1. Anonymous1:33 PM

    There seems to be a disconnect between a white, chauvinist male putting up a woman as veep, and voting for a woman to be a candidate in an election, where she will be voted on again by the wider electorate.

    People don't think critically, but emotionally, and my emotional response to Palin is different from my emotional response to Clinton.

  2. Ismone4:30 PM

    So true. It really irked me when people were pulling the whole "you're not a feminist/good woman if you don't vote for Hilary." And I was, at least nominally, a Sen. Clinton supporter, although I had a hard time choosing between the two and was perfectly happy when Sen. Obama got the nomination. It just sounded like utter bunk to me, but THANK YOU for not letting that utter bunk be forgotten.


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