Saturday, June 21, 2008

Philippines, Roots, Feminism, Food, Water, Love, Family

These things are all on my mind, but the problem is I'm so jetlagged that I can't think straight.

I made it safely to the Philippines where I am staying with family for two days before I meet and live with the other students in the program I am attending.

This morning, I spoke with my Auntie who spoke at length about the political situation here in the Philippines. My Auntie, recovering from surgery and battling cancer, speaks with so much conviction, "I tell you, if I was younger, I would be there in the streets, organizing rallies and resistance." We have much in common and talk about women's rights, internationally.

I am getting settled and once I get my body in line with the time change will be prepared to blog about my discoveries overseas.



  1. Joan Kelly3:11 PM

    Glad you made it safely, if tired-ly. :) Can't wait to read your posts during your time in the Philippines.

    Also - I read a headline online a minute ago about there being a typhoon in the Philippines...hoping everybody over there is okay.

  2. beautiful woman--we thought deeply and lovingly of you this weekend--we missed you and sang songs of joy for you. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Kabayan, quite a homecoming, huh? Stay safe and dry.


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