Thursday, May 15, 2008

Life Under Construction

Ebb and flow.

The ebb and flow of life has brought me to a place where I am failing to remain centered on life's most recently delivered tray of decisions.





Ebb and flow.

The waves of life are bringing some big tidal waves where I will still be sailing along with my blog, but will definitely be stoking the flames of other transformative and larger components of my existence.

I will soon be moving. We have purchased our first home. We have travels for weddings. Our own anniversary.

And, the most salient ingredient is my impending trip to my parent's homeland, the Philippines. I will be studying the economic, history, literature, and language of my ethnicity for six weeks and staying an additional three weeks for my own exploration. During this time, I will be (formally) researching social movements, feminism, and colonialism. Informally, I will continue writing my memoir about my personal search for everything - and the misconceptions and lessons learned about identity, belonging, feminism, family, and culture from two continents.

There's no break in blogging, just a flowing continuation of suggestions, thoughts, ideas, and epiphanies. I'll still be here, but just know, my dear readers, I shall be absorbed in a place where I yearn to be entirely reminded, transformed, and living for what is most important.

Ebb and Flow.


  1. Damn mujer, your schedule looks stressful.

  2. Hello there!

    This sounds fantastic!

    I am planning on taking a trip to Ghana in August to work on the book that I am supposed to be FINISHED with by October! (yikes!!!)

    I can't wait to see your photos!!

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!


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