Tuesday, April 01, 2008

LIVE BLOGGING from a POST-WAM World, We B(e)lo(ng): Womyn of Color and Online Feminism

It's like my very own infomercial.

I'm selling a priceless gem - the hope and creative energy that fills a room with history, respect, love, and vision.

If you haven't caught on by now, I'm really trying to organize my life right now - writing, deadlines, travels - and still get my posts up about this weekend at WAM. There's an incredible amount of conversation that took place this weekend and I'm working on a long post about that.

Until then, let this whet your beak a bit - I made a little snippet of the session I led with Nadia, Lex, and BA - We B(e)lo(n)g: Womyn of Color and Online Feminism. In honor of the amazing voices that shared so much, from the bottom of my Pinay feminist heart, Thank You. In our session each womyn spoke a wish, a wish for a world in where She could see herself live, flourish, speak, dance, be angry, in love, and witness justice. These wishes were honored and some even came true right in that room!

I tell ya - the power of radical wishing...

See the flick here on YouTube or here at Fem Watch.



  1. Sudy--that video was beautiful....

  2. i've decided it's really okay with me to cry every time i turn on my computer if it's because i'm seeing things as beautiful as your video or reading something as moving as bfp's wam wrap up.

    boston really must have meant it when she told you to pass on her apologies - the boston pd called me to tell me they found my purse in the bathroom of the cafe. my wallet was gone, but my ipod, digital camera, scarf, and planner were all there. and now they are in the mail on their way to me. i'm still in a bit of disbelief about this.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your care and your time and your humor and sharing the conference with me. i promise to never drive badly in your presence as long as that means we get to cross paths again:)

    love, katie


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