Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Preparing for WAM

This weekend is the WAM conference. I will be there along with a lot of other great bloggers, activists, writers, and journalists. My session will be tucked somewhere in the middle of the conference with other radical womyn of color and I'm pumped to share a session with these brilliant minds.

Most likely I will be lightly blogging until the conference, where I'll be documenting the entire thing and forming it into a special edition of Fem Watch for the future.

The best thing is actually not the conference, but the party that will take place under MY roof when I have the dream sleepover for the weekend. The invitees are some of the most exciting and intelligent womyn I have ever known.

And if you can help out another sister, head over to Donna's place, where she is fundraising to get to this conference. Help her out if you can. All help is appreciated!

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