Saturday, February 23, 2008

Now We Know that 'Blogger' Doesn't Read Feminist Blogs

So, now there is this new feature in Blogger - CALL ME FOR FREE! where bloggers can receive voicemail messages right from our blog. And post them! What better way to start my day off than to wake up and hear my little nephew calling, "Tita, I miss you!"

Followed by a, "Listen you self-righteous b*#$@, you're the f#*@ing reason why this world is going to hell in a handbasket with your bull$*&t feminist posts on your g^&d@#$ blog! I hope you f*#$ing die!"



  1. hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sign me up too! We can listen to the messages together!!!!! i'll send you a message, you send me a message!!!

  2. wow! lol! can we "moderate" this too? lmao!!!

  3. I just went to check out the new feature and found something interesting (and unrelated): Blogger now in "Filipino"! (Maybe they mean Tagolog? lol!) And below I found an interesting post asking, "do we really need it?", that got me thinkin.. I'm a code switcher for sure, and sometimes certain activities are associated with either english, spanish, or spanglish for me. I guess blogging is one of those things pinay might associate with english? Anywho, one stop closer for us building ties with our mono-lingual 'pilipina' hermanas! :D


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