Monday, December 31, 2007

Over the Shoulder Gratitude

For those like me celebrating the last day of 2007, it's a day of many things, often anti-climactic, but still an important day.

Each 31st of December, I kick back, run my hand over my round belly and speak gratitude, prophesy, and hope. Deep reflection, I believe, is necessary to meaningful existence. Without processing, minimal learning occurs.

The lessons of 2007...

  • Raspberries possess amazing healing power.
  • Big media is beyond unreliable.
  • The sporting world reflects much of the privilege, dichotomous racism, and sexism I loathe. That being said, I am learning - through the sporting world - how to be a feminist and co-exist and even enjoy elements of what I fight against (e.g. College football)
  • Critical questions can be misread as jealousy.
  • It's more about the mind's will to make it happen than anything else.
  • All of us are always looking for genuine inspiration and hope.
  • Cooking is expensive.
  • Disregarding perfectly functioning televisions irks me more than I thought.
  • Action should follow reaction.
  • The revolution will not be funded and it will not begin in the coastal cities.
  • I am not ashamed of my Midwest roots.
  • Polylingual tongues have it made.
  • Moderation is harder to practice as one ages.
  • Wine is a fine art.
  • Feminisms require radical leadership.
  • Blogging has grown to be a significant function of my activism.
  • Privilege blinds the mind and softens the skin.
  • Allies save.
  • Tabasco.
  • Fingerpointing accomplishes nothing unless you have an idea of your own.
  • Building community takes time, consistency, and work.
  • I still need a mentor.
  • Online feminism is about picking your battles and gearing up with allies.
  • Body piercings can be liberating.
08 is going to be oh-great.


  1. Word. Especially the bit about jealousy.

    There came a point when i had to divide my cooking in two...the things i will make because they are tasty and reasonable, and the things that i will cook because they are really tasty and cost the same as a dinner out.

    Happy new year!

    /and i'm really happy to hear that you're from the midwest love. We got all the cool folks. :)

  2. i was watching the femwatch video again earlier and just wanted to shout to somebody I LOVE SUDY!! in fact i think i did. many times.

    but anyways. you're amazing and i'm glad to have met you, in that rwoc-blog-way. here's to victory, love, and community in 2008.

    you're the best, sudy.


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