Saturday, December 01, 2007

Geographically Challenged?

There's some statistic how 33% or something Americans can't find the US on the map.

It's another known fact that American children are also among the most poorly educated IN THE WORLD when it comes to world geography.

I'm not saying I'm that much better. Here's a fun quiz for the weekend to test your world geography and I cannot get to level six. I know I'm not a moron, but I feel like a moron.
I will now never forget where New Zealand's most famous cities are located.

Consider this my lame contribution to heighten "traveler's IQ."
Fun for the weekend: Try it!


  1. That is -really- hard to do with a touchpad. I accidentally clicked for a 16,000+ mile error at one point while trying to scroll. Oops.

    I am so bookmarking that site.

  2. i can't get to level 6 either! this is my new addiction. and i'm sure if we had played video games in geography class i would have learned this stuff a lot better!

  3. It's addictive, isn't it?

    Adonis tried it and was instantly hooked.

    Afterward, I look at my scores and feel very ashamed. For someone that prides themselves in global perspectives, don't you think I could have gotten the right hemisphere when looking for Madagascar?

  4. citywood2:16 AM

    Aarh, my new addiction too!

  5. Level 10... must bone up on Africa. I made most of my egregious mistakes there (particularly when I placed Benin in South AMERICA)

    Found you from Creek running north. I guess tonight is my blog-surfing night.

  6. Fortunately, that statistic is completely inaccurate. The original number is something like 5% of young people surveyed by National Geographic - Roper, and that number got changed to 20% (1 in 5) as the rumor spread, and now apparently it's up to "1 in 3."
    Mind you, I'm not disagreeing that Americans are woefully ignorant about geography. It's just not THAT bad!


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